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If you’ve come to this page it’s because you want to know a little more about the purpose of this website and who is behind it.

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From No Affiliate Marketing Knowledge to a Great Foundation

ElianeMy name is Eliane and I’m the founder of NotAboutLuck.

Just like thousands of other people, a while ago I found myself in a position where I was very interested in Affiliate Marketing and the Online World but I wasn’t so sure that I could succeed at it simply because I had no prior knowledge.

My background is Computer Science but the Internet, Websites, Writing Content and Ads were completely off my comfort zone.

I knew that if I decided to go this path I would have to keep an open mind and learn a lot.

I had a strong enough reason to challenge myself and overcome any personal doubts: I knew Affiliate Marketing would allow me to work from home and stay close to my kids.

Besides, the way I see it, the online world – and its almost 4 Billion active users – is a very promising market and huge revenue source.

I wanted my share of it building an honest and reliable online business that would provide value to its customers.

That’s it! I had made my mind. I would go for it with 100% dedication.

But then I had to find a way to learn all the concepts, techniques, and tools.

There sure are lots of ads on the internet offering overnight success and millionaire results in no time. But I knew better, and I didn’t pay attention to those miracle workers that are just looking for easy money.

Good news is: there are also lots of trustworthy sources to learn from.

The catch is: they’re all over the internet.

Without the proper direction, a person could easily get lost in all the information available.

Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.
Zig Ziglar

After a lot of research and comparison, I chose my primary source of education which I now know is the best place to find guidance and valuable training that will lead anyone into building a Great Affiliate Marketing Foundation.

If it’s Good For me, It’s Worth Spreading the Word

This is a Golden Rule I live by.

In my everyday life with my friends and family or while doing business. If I find something valuable that has brought positive results to me (could be a new iPhone app or a trip destination), I’ll tell everyone about it.

Someone might benefit from my tip. And when this happens it absolutely makes my day.

What Does this Have to Do with ‘Not About Luck’?

The purpose of Not About Luck is to do exactly that, spread the word about Successful and Powerful Methods, Tools, and Tips in the Affiliate Marketing world.

I strongly believe that Success is Not About Luck, it’s about having Knowledge and the Right Strategy.

Everything we talk about here is a direct result of positive experiences.

Read our Latest Posts (there’s always something new) and our Tools (they’re a top selection, the ones I use all the time).

This way you can be confident to be walking the path to YOUR success!

Also, please make sure you check out my #1 Choice when it comes to a Complete Internet Marketing Platform, where I got a solid base of knowledge and the right strategy to grow my online business.

I login and work on the platform every day.


I invite you to join it as well. I’ll be there to welcome and guide you through the entire process.
It’s free to join (no credit cards needed) so you have nothing to lose!

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Accept my invitation and do what over 1.2M people have done: start changing your life right now.


If you have any questions and/or comments, you’re more than welcome to use the Comments Section right below each Post and/or Page throughout the website.

It will be an absolute honor to help you out.

To Your Success,


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  1. Rômulo says:

    Minha irmã,

    Sensacional. O site tá limpo, objetivo, fácil de navegar e o conteúdo importante pra quem quer seguir o teu caminho. Parabéns. Adorei teu trabalho. Sou suspeito, sou seu fã. O sucesso tá chegando em função da tua inteligência, competência e dedicação. Sei que não é fácil, mas as novas conquistas estão batendo na tua porta.

    Te amo.



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