Get More Space | Dropbox Free is Great!

Get More Space | Dropbox Free is Great!

Affiliate Marketers live the Laptop Lifestyle, right? At least, that’s what we all aim for. Besides having a laptop and internet connection, you also need lots of cloud space to save your files.
Can you relate?

Just a quick reminder, relying on your computers hard drive is way too dangerous! If something happens to it, all your work and business will be compromised.

The Best solution, in my opinion, it the cloud. It’s flexible, reliable and… in the case of Dropbox you can get more space FOR FREE.

Let me tell you a bit about the whole concept and how it can help affiliate marketers, like you and me.

By the end of this post, you’ll be able to decide if you want to go for it or not.


The Company

Do you know how Dropbox started?

Founder Drew Houston as an MIT student kept forgetting his USB flash drive and thought that there had to be a better way than the services available at that time.

Long story short, in June 2007 he founded Dropbox and not too long after, Arash Ferdowsi joined the partnership.

Since then, the company has largely increased in size, customers and value. On Feb’18 they filed an IPO (initial public offering) to be listed on the NASDAQ, hoping to raise $500 million.

That being said, I’d state that it’s a pretty big and solid company.


Their Purpose

'The best sharing and storage solution for your business'

Dropbox claims to be the best sharing and storage solution. That takes a lot of technology and a huge trust base.

When you think that all your business content will be entirely handled by one company you may feel like taking a step back.

Can they really be trusted?

P.S.: Just a small note here. Even if I do use cloud-based service for all my business content, I also keep a backup of everything physically. I may never need it but it sure makes me feel a lot calmer to know that I have a way out if something does eventually happen.



Do they deliver what they promise?

Trust clearly plays a large part in their business as we can see on their website:

Dropbox's Trust Guide

This probably has a lot to do with some incidents related to privacy and security issues that took place in their history. Some of them were:

  • In June’11, accounts could be accessed without passwords for several hours;
  • In July’11, a privacy policy update suggested that Dropbox had ownership over users’ data;
  • Email spam in 2012;
  • In Aug’16, the leak of 68 million account passwords;

As to the security they offer, they claim to use an infrastructure with multiple layers of protection. They also say they apply “security practices comply with the most widely accepted standards and regulations.”

Privacy issues are delicate and, in my opinion, we need to know from Day 1 what the service provider thinks about it. A security mistake could lead to random data leaking problems, but an understanding that the data is owned by the provider would mean that our work would be done in vain. Because none of it would belong to us.

But no real worries. They are very clear about this topic:

Dropbox's Privacy Commitment

The way I see it, there were problems in the past (and that’s scary!). But there’s a true disposition to guarantee security and privacy to their users.

And although those incidents did happen, I’ve never had any problems since I started using Dropbox’s services years ago.


Plans and Prices

Dropbox Plans and Prices

FREE ACCOUNT – users can sign up for a free account with 2 gigabytes of free storage space.

This is a great way to start using their services although 2GB can be too limiting. But as you’ll see on the next topic there’s an easy way to get extra space for free.

STANDARD – 2TB of space with sharing and collaboration tools.

Part of growing a business is being able to delegate some of your tasks to other professionals. When your time comes, Dropbox can help you on that as it offers tools and an environment designed for collaboration efforts.

ADVANCED – Everything in Standard plus as much space as you need with admin, audit, and integration features.

ENTERPRISE – Customizable solutions with individualized support to help admins manage at scale.

First two paid plans have a 30-day trial so you can test if either is a good fit for you and your co-workers.

More Space: FREE!

This is a very smart and even fun way of expanding their business. It’s all about referring their service.

When you refer Dropbox to a friend and they start using it you get the bonus space.

  • Basic accounts earn 500 MB per referral (up to 16 GB). From 2 GB to 16 GB, I think it’s great, don’t you?
  • Plus and Professional accounts get 1 GB per referral (up to 32 GB)

What the Step-by-Step?


How to Invite a Friend to Use Dropbox

  1. Sign in to Dropbox
  2. Click the Avatar at the top of the page
  3. Select Settings/Plan
  4. Click “Invite a Friend”You’ll choose how you want to do this invite: by email, Facebook, Gmail contact or just copying the link and sharing in any way you want.

But wait, that’s not all! Your friend will need to:

  1. Click the link you sent them
  2. Install the Dropbox desktop app
  3. Sign in from the desktop app
  4. And verify the account’s email address.

This looks a bit time-consuming but it’s really not. I’ve done it before and let me tell you, it’s totally worth it.

And it’s super easy! I say, go for it.


I hope you found this post valuable and that it helps you build and grow your online business.

Although there are still a lot of people feeling unsure about cloud-based storage, it’s our reality. There’s no way back.

We just need to work with it the best way possible, leveraging all possible aspects of it.

Getting extra free space is one of them. 🙂 Enjoy!

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