4 High Commission Affiliate Programs to Escalate your Profit

4 High Commission Affiliate Programs to Escalate your Profit

A lot has been said about how websites can be profitable and that’s true. But how to choose high commission affiliate programs? There are so many around!
Before going into to that though, in order to make the right choices for your business, it’s important to understand and consider a few other aspects.

This is what we’ll talk about today:

  • Recurring Commissions
  • Cookies Duration
  • Low-ticket Vs High-ticket products
  • Commission Structure
  • High Commission Affiliate Programs List
  • Alternative Affiliate Programs

Recurring Commissions

The One-Time Commissions are pretty normal. You get your share every time one of your visitors makes a purchase through your affiliate link.

But the Recurring Commission is a game changer. Picture this: you write a killing post providing great content to your readers. They appreciate all the valuable information they get and decide to buy the product you’re recommending.

You’ll get a commission not only when they first buy it, but every month, as long as they keep paying for the product.

A good example would be an email marketing software like AWeber.

If let’s say, Tanya reads one of your posts and ends up signing up for AWeber’s $19/mo service through your affiliate link, you’ll get a 30% commission ($5.70) on the first month and every month moving forward until (and if) she stops paying for that service.

This means that in one year you’ll earn $68.40 only from Tanya’s account. I know, that’s not a lot. But I’m just explaining the mechanics of it.

Now, imagine you refer 100 people per month to this low-price service.

On the first month you’d get $570.00; on the 2nd month, $1,140.00… By the end of the first year, you’d be making $6,840.00/mo from only 1 Post that you wrote over a year ago and never touched again.

That’s the power of recurring commissions!

I’d say this is something you should look for when deciding which programs you’ll become an affiliate of. Wouldn’t you agree with me?

But there’s more.

Cookies Duration

Some programs, like Amazon Associate, offer 24hr cookies. This means that if one of your visitors clicks one of your Amazon affiliate links today at 10:00 am, you’ll get a commission on their purchases until tomorrow, at the same time.

This includes the possibility of them leaving and accessing Amazon’s website back. Pretty cool, right?

Some other programs offer less-duration cookies, and sometimes it’s designed for just the first sale.

But what you’re really looking for are the Lifetime Cookies. That’s right! They last forever!

If John clicks your link today but only decides to purchase the product one year from now, or later, you’ll get your commission. That holds true even if he never goes back to your website again. If he buys the product, you get the commission.

Sweet, ugh? I’m sure you see the value on this.

Low-ticket Vs High-ticket Products

Low-ticket Vs High-ticket Products

Now, with those 2 concepts (recurring commissions and lifetime cookies) in mind, let’s talk about products prices.

At first, you could think that promoting high-ticket products would necessarily lead you to higher earnings.

But this is not always true.

Let’s say you’re promoting a high-ticket product priced $5,000 at a 5% commission (one-time, no recurrence). Each time you sold it, you’d earn $250.00
On the other hand, if you promote a lower-ticket one (let’s say at $500.00) and a 50% commission rate, you’d make the same $250.00 on one sale.

What do you think would be easier to promote: a $5,000.00 or a $500.00 product?

Until you acquire your readers’ trust, I guarantee you that convincing a reader to pay $500.00 for a product is much easier than another one that costs 10 times it.

Don’t be fooled by articles that say you should go for the high-ticket commissions and only gives you a mathematical explanation.

They usually say something like this:

If you promote a $20.00 product, you’ll need to sell 5,000 copies to make $100,000 per year.

But if you focus on $1,000 products, you’ll only need to sell 100 of them.

That’s mathematically correct but in real life, you’ll need to build some authority before being able to sell $1,000+ items. You gotta start with lower-ticket ones.

More Than Just Commission Structure

To make things clear, when you’re deciding which affiliate programs you’ll become partners with, you need to take into consideration their commission structure:

  • Ticket-price
  • Commission percentage
  • Recurring monthly payments

But that’s not all. 

You also need to make sure that you’ve built enough authority to promote such product (in the case of a higher-ticket one).
Besides that, always have in mind your readers’ best interest. There’s no point in promoting something that will not benefit them. Remember, they come first. Your earnings will be a consequence.

What About Upsells?

One very popular technique is Upselling. You start selling low-ticket products and, as the customer goes further in the sales funnel, you offer more and more expensive items.

The way I see it, upsells are not necessarily bad, they’re a legitimate sales practice.

On the other hand, you have to be wary of programs that only focus on their own gains rather than the clients’ best interest. They keep on pushing more and more expensive goods, arguing that they’re necessary to be successful when that’s not always true.

Be careful then! 

Partnering with a company like that will have negative consequences for your business as people will see you as co-responsible.

Product and Service Mix

With all that being said, there comes the time when you need to decide the products/services you’ll spend time promoting.

Make sure you choose items that you can relate to and feel good about. There’s nothing worse than writing positively about something you don’t really believe in. You’ll feel bad and your readers will feel it. They won’t be convinced.

Don’t go that path. Stay true to your values and beliefs.

There are plenty of affiliate programs around. You’ll find the best ones for your mix.

The following are my suggestions and they all top programs, but make sure to do your own research and check if they are a good fit for you.

High Commission Affiliate Programs List

1) Wealthy Affiliate

WA Affiliate ProgramThere’s no secret that Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 Choice and Recommendation for an Internet Marketing Platform.

They offer great up-to-date step-by-step Training, Support, Domains, Hosting, Free Websites, Keyword Research Tool and, among other things, a profitable affiliate program.
For me, promoting their program is a no-brainer because I see a huge amount of value on the platform. Talking positively about it comes naturally and truthfully.

The following are some other reasons why I say that it’s a great program.

  • Anyone can become an affiliate (no need to be a paid member)
  • Free to Join
  • Lifetime cookies
  • Recurring commissions
  • 48% commission percentage for paid members ($8.00 on the first-month special offer, and $23.50 on the following months, per referral) and half of this if you’re a free member.
  • Yearly membership is available for customers ($175.00 commission per year per referral)
  • Affiliation process is automatic upon joining the platform
  • Marketing material available to help promote it

This program is one of a kind! Pay close attention, you’re going to like this.

Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference

Once a year, Wealthy Affiliate’s owners, Kyle and Carson, take all affiliates that have achieved 300 premium memberships sales on an ALL-PAID private 4-day conference in Las Vegas.

Top hotel, limos, surprise night events (gambling, shows, dinners and more), confidential discussions on the future plans for WA, 1-on-1 private meeting with Kyle and Carson on how to improve each one’s business.

But that’s not all.

If you like luxury cars, you might have heard of the Bentley Mulsanne. There are only 10 of these in the world.

Okay, so anyone that achieves 3,000 premium memberships in a year, will be taken to and from the hotel in one of them. AND will stay at a comfortable Skyloft (3,000 square foot room) that includes full butler service.

Every year is different, but just so you have a better idea, here is a post with a description and some shots of the 2018 Conference.

Just click the picture:

Wealthy Affiliate 2018 Las Vegas Conference


This is what an experienced affiliate marketer (that made it to Vegas 2018, his first year in WA) pointed out as to why he joined Wealthy Affiliate:


Why join Wealthy Affiliate's affiliate program?

Join the Program: wealthyaffiliate.com

>> Make sure that once you join WA you connect with me. I’ll help you get the best out of the program.

This is how you connect with me in Wealthy Affiliate

2) Useproof

This is a Social Proof tool that has proven to increase conversions.

Once someone integrates it to their website, their customers will get notified by quick clear real-time messages any time someone buys a product, joins a webinar, visits the website.

This is what it looks like when in use:

Useproof Affiliate Program

Before you become an affiliate, I suggest you read the post I wrote about Useproof.


  • Anyone can become an affiliate
  • Free to Join
  • Recurring commissions
  • 30% commission percentage (up to $59.70 per month per referral)
  • Yearly membership is available for customers
  • Affiliation process is automatic
  • Marketing material available to help promote it

Join the Program: useproof.com

3) Instapage

This is a fully customizable landing pages platform that increases the website’s conversion rates by an average of 23%.

Instapage Affiliate Program

Other important features are:

  • 100% Design freedom
  • Mobile-responsive landing pages (drag-and-drop, no coding required)


  • Anyone can become an affiliate
  • Free to Join
  • Recurring commissions
  • 50% commission (up to $114.50) on the first month and 30% (up to $68.70) on the following months, per month, per referral
  • Yearly memberships available for customers
  • Affiliation process is automatic
  • Personalized Marketing material available to help promote it

Join the Program: https://affiliates.instapage.com

4) SEMRush

Berush: SEMRush affiliate program

This is a digital marketing tool that helps to improve websites by providing keyword research, competitive analysis (“spying” on competition), SEO, PPC, social media tracker and a lot more.

The analytics reports generated are very in-depth, thorough, and impressive. I’d say that considering its quality this is an easy product to promote.

Its affiliate program is called BeRush.


  • Anyone can apply to be an affiliate. There’s no need to be a SEMRush user.
  • Free to Join
  • 10 years of cookie life
  • Recurring commissions
  • 40% commission (up to $159.60), per month, per referral
  • Yearly memberships available for customers
  • Affiliation process only takes a couple of minutes
  • Promo materials in 5 languages: English, Spanish, French, German and Russian

Join the Program: https://www.berush.com/en/


Alternative Affiliate Programs

You may want to also explore these Affiliate Programs

Here are a few other programs you can explore:

>> Related: How to Find Affiliate Programs For Your Website

The bottom line is that once you understand the mechanics of commission structures, cookies duration, high and low-ticket, and product/service mix, you feel much more confident to choose which affiliate programs you’re going to promote and earn high commissions from.

I’d love to hear about your own experiences with high pay programs. Have you promoted any of these before? Or would you like to suggest a different one?


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Eliane is a Wife, Mother, Entrepreneur, Laptop Lifestyle Enthusiast, and Internet Marketing Support Coach. Ever since she started her Online Business she works from anywhere and whenever she wants to. This means being closer to her kids as they grow up. And she LOVES it!

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18 Responses

  1. I really enjoyed reading your article on affiliated marketing, I am also in WA and I am trying to learn from many people. You are one of those.

    • Eliane says:

      Hey, Bequer.
      That’s an honor! Thanks!

      Make sure to connect with me in WA (my username is ElianeLima). I’ll follow you back. This way will be much easier to share information and help each other out.

      Speaking of learning from other people, here is a Blog from a fellow WA member that may interest you. It’s about ‘Affiliate Programs with High Commission’.



  2. Kourtney Blaize says:

    I’ve heard of subscription cookies or 24-hour cookies but I’ve never heard of lifetime cookies!

    I will definitely be looking into finding some of them that I can pop onto my articles. All I have to do is plant the seed and eventually it will grow and sprout.

    • Eliane says:

      Oh, yes, Kourtney, look for the long-duration cookies, first.

      Plant the seed, water it (keep consistency!) and it will definitely grow. 🙂

      P.S.: There is a blog post called “The bigger picture when considering who to affiliate with” written by an experienced marketer (the last time I heard, his company was making $1 Million/yr).

      I thought it was very insightful and believe you’ll think the same. It’s worth the read!


  3. Outstanding information for affiliate entrepreneurs. I am using SEMRush already and it is awesome.
    I have been thinking about creating a cool landing page so I am looking into Instapage after this.
    Thanks for all the important and useful information.

    • Eliane says:

      Yes, Curtis, SEMRush is a great tool. Most marketers love it. And that’s a huge positive in favor of its affiliate program.

      It’s easier to promote than a product that no one knows about or doesn’t show good results.

  4. Kathleen says:

    This is exactly what I have been searching for!!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for making it easy to figure out what to do and where to do it!!

    I am in the early stages of researching affiliate programs and your website is a pot of gold!! I love how enthusiastic and passionate you are about your work and all you offer here is truly my dream come true.

    I knew there had to be someone smart like you sharing the resources to figure this out!!
    I am truly grateful to have found you today!! Much appreciated.

  5. Steve says:

    I have been using Amazon mostly for my affiliate program. Amazon uses a 24 hour cookie which is pretty short. On the other hand, you get a commission on everything that user purchases, so that is nice. I recently started using a different program that offers a longer cookie and a better commission rate.

    I love the idea of recurring commissions, but I just don’t know if those types of programs are available in my niche. I will have to do some more research. Very informative post, I appreciate you taking the time to share all of these details.

  6. Tara says:

    Excellent and valuable post Eliane. I will be looking into these later this evening. Great point on the total price too, that you need to build trust before your users will want to buy a 5000.00 item — unless in the off chance they are already planning to buy – but that will be much less frequently than a lower ticket item. Looking forward to finding more affiliate programs to join 🙂

  7. John says:

    Do you have to be a member of the programs to get a commission?
    I know at Wealthy Affiliate you do not get a commission if you stop your membership, you can make a lot more than the yearly cost if you are working hard at promoting your site.
    The lifetime cookies are great incentives to promote these products. Amazon at 24 hours is tough if a person comes back 36 hours later and you miss out on any commission.
    I look for affiliate programs that have longer cookie time.

    • Eliane says:

      No, John, no need to be a paid member in any of the 4 programs I described.

      Wealthy Affiliate does something interesting. As a Premium (paid) member you get double the commission of a Starter (free) member.

      The way I see it, it’s well worth being a Premium (especially if you pay yearly and get a 39% discount on your membership).

      Since Wealthy Affiliate is a recurring, lifetime affiliate program, the math goes like this for anyone paying yearly and promoting WA:

      Premium Membership: $359.00/year -> $29.91/month
      Commission on 1 Premium referral: $23.50/month

      This means you only need to refer 1.27 people, per month, to have your membership completely paid for. So, even if your niche isn’t “affiliate marketing” or “make money online” you can have access to WA platform for free if you promote it to friends and/or on your Social Media channels, for example.

      Besides that, premium members can create training within the platform and get paid for them. This is not exactly related to the Affiliate Program, it’s just another creative way Wealthy Affiliate came up with so that premium members could earn extra money.

      Here is a blog post from within WA that explains how the Training Credits work:

  8. Glenys says:

    Hi Eliane,
    thanks for writing this great post pointing out things to look for when we select Affiliate Programs to promote. I mean time is limited right?
    I also really like Recurring Commissions, another word for them is called “continuity programs” and I really like these services. I mean if you took the time to research a great company that has great product that are a great match for your clients, why wouldn’t your clients continue to use these great products and of course you should also continue to get paid for them using those products! Long cookie timeframes are another great thing that we look for. Thanks for sharing.

    • Eliane says:

      I couldn’t agree more with you, Glenys. I’d say it’s a win-win situation.

      As affiliate marketers, recurring commissions and lifetime cookies on the same program is like heaven! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by.

  9. Orion says:

    Oh wow – great article here! So much information and really useful.
    I did not know about Userproof it sounds like a really good program and useful, but wouldn’t you need to have some good traffic coming in before you use it? I mean if you have a new website and barely any traffic on it…it would be kind of sad looking…

    The other affiliate programs/tools you have suggested here are a really good reference point too. I will check them out more in-depth.
    Thank you for this!
    Wishing you $ucce$$ – Orion

    • Eliane says:

      Glad you liked the article.

      Yes, Orion, in my opinion, like I wrote on my Useproof review “if you don’t have consistent traffic yet, you shouldn’t bother with Useproof for now.”

      But the reality is that it’s up to each affiliate marketer to advise (or not) their readers when promoting Useproof.

      All the best,

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