KW Series | 7 Killing Long Tail Keywords Examples – Why Should You Care?

Why Should I Care with Long Tail Keywords?

Get ready, you’re about to see 7 excellent Long Tail Keywords Examples I’ve come across. We’re also going to discuss a bit why you should learn how to work with them as they can directly affect your website results.

These are the topics we’re covering today. They are shortcuts so you’re welcome to go straight to the one that interests you best.

This is article #3 in the KW Series. On the last one, we talked about 11 Quick Ways of Brainstorming for Keyword Ideas. After coming up with those ideas you now need to become comfortable with the term “long tail keyword”.

This will help you when taking the next step, searching/refining your keywords.


What’s a “Long Tail Keyword”?


Long Tail Keyword

Long Tail Keyword is a longer search phrase – typically with 3+ words – and more specific than a head (broader) keyword.

As a quick example, in the bicycles category we can point the following keyword types:

  • Head: “bikes”
  • Mid-length: “Cyclocross bikes”
  • Long tail: “Trek Crockett 7 Disc”

The later type of term can be extremely valuable if you know how to use them. And that’s precisely why you should care about them.

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Benefits of Long Tail Keywords

Using Long Tail Keywords is highly beneficial especially for NEW websites for a number of reasons:

  • Visitors are more likely to search this type of keyword when they’re closer to a point-of-purchase and they’re usually more committed to what you have to offer them.
    Like in the “Trek Crockett 7 Disc” example, someone who searches that isn’t researching for the available types of bikes. He/she is at the point of either getting more details about this specific model or is about to buy it.
  • Targeting these keywords allows you to know beforehand (almost) exactly what the person is looking for. Therefore you can deliver precisely what they want.'Trek Crockett 7 Disc' is a long tail keyword
    For instance, back to the bikes example, when writing content for the “Trek Crockett 7 Disc” you won’t talk about the differences between a sports bike and a city bike because your reader most likely already knows all about that.
    What you should give is as much detail as possible about that specific bike model, price, and the available purchasing methods.
  • Each day, Voice Search gets more and more used. Long tail keywords are terrific for this kind of searches.
    When I ask Siri about Italian restaurants, I don’t usually say “Italian restaurant”. I’d probably ask for “the best Italian restaurants close to me”.
    If you also target mobile traffic (and you should!), then don’t underestimate the power of voice searches and long tail keywords.
  • Although a long tail keyword normally attracts less traffic than head keywords, it faces much less competition.
  • Overall, this type of terms accounts for roughly 70% of all searches.
    The strategy here is to increase traffic to your website by indexing as many long tail keywords as possible.
  • They are valuable not only for SEO campaigns but also for Paid ones. You see, less competition means lower cost per click. And this can resonate pretty well especially with limited budgets.

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Watch out for this Common Mistake


Google AdWords Keyword Planner

A lot of beginners looking for free tools decide to rely on Google Adwords Keyword Planner. After all, it’s free to use and it’s Google, right?!

The problem is that the focus of this tool is Adwords, not SEO campaigns, so its results hide long tail keywords.

Therefore you should look for an alternate keyword research tool that gives you a wide range of accurate results, including long tail ones. You can read more about the tool I prefer HERE.

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7 Long Tail Keywords Examples

Take a look at this selection of 7 examples, all related to affiliate marketing.

#1 – How to Sell An eBook On Amazon:

'How to Sell An eBook On Amazon' is a real case example of long tail keyword

Metrics for the keyword 'how to sell an ebook on amazon'

“How to sell an ebook on Amazon” gets 150 monthly searches compared to 45969 searches for “ebooks”. It initially seems a huge difference. But then, you should remember that being so broad makes it really hard to effectively target this keyword.

Most of those thousands of searches probably don’t want to learn how to sell ebooks, they perhaps want to buy them and possibly not on Amazon.

On the other hand, targeting “How to Sell an eBook on Amazon” would be really easy to rank on the first page of the Search Engines since there are only 16 competitors (QSR) for this long tail keyword.

Once that happens, our website will get 26 visitors per month just for queries of this term.

Now it’s your turn. Analyze the following 6 examples checking the same metrics we did here:

AVG – The average number of searches that the keyword receives per month.

TRAFFIC – Visits to your website if you achieve first page rankings in the Search Engines.

QSR – Quoted Search Results: the number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword.

#2 – Sell Handmade Crafts Online:

'sell handmade crafts online' is a real case example of long tail keyword

Metrics for the keyword 'sell handmade crafts online'

#3 – Skateboards for Girls:

'Skateboards for Girls' is a real case example of long tail keyword
Metrics for the keyword 'skateboards for girls'

#4 – Standing Desks on Amazon:

'Standing Desks on Amazon' is an example of long tail keyword

Metrics for the keyword 'Standing desks on Amazon'

#5 – Top Luxury Watch Brands:

'Top Luxury Watch Brands' is an example of long tail keyword

Metrics for 'Top Luxury Watch Brands' keyword

#6 – Light Up Shoes for Children:

'Light Up Shoes For Children' is a real case example of long tail keyword

Metrics for the keyword 'Light Up Shoes For Children'

#7 – Flip Sofa Bed:

'Flip Sofa Bed' is a real case example of long tail keyword

Metrics for the keyword 'Flip Sofa Bed'

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I hope you enjoyed these 7 examples and realized how valuable long tail keywords are.

Going along the KW Series, we’ll continue to explore the “Keywords” topic. On the next article, we’re going to talk about “How to Use Keywords on your Website – Best Practices” and give you pretty valuable tips.

This, you’ll see, is a skill we all must have to build a successful online business.

Stay tuned!

Please share your insights and doubts in the Comments area. I’ll be happy to reply asap.

If you haven’t read this KW Series from the beginning, I suggest you do it now. You’ll learn some valuable tips.




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4 Responses

  1. Arta says:

    Thank you for the helpful article about long tail keywords. You explain everything so well that it is easy to understand.
    However, regarding the Google keyword tool, I read somewhere that it is not free anymore – only those having an active Adwords campaign can use the tool. So I guess it is quite painful for many online marketers who used it.

    Keyword research is a must if you want to succeed online so a keyword tool is needed.

    I had a look at your Jaaxy review and it seems to be a great keyword tool. I read that by joining Wealthy Affiliate for free – it is possible to get also 30 free Jaaxy keyword searches – are these 30 searches per month or one-time 30 searches?

    • Eliane says:

      Thanks for your kind words. I really try to make things easy for any beginner to understand what we’re talking about.

      Adwords keyword planner tool is indeed a FREE feature with Adwords. To start using it you need to set up an Adwords account, which can be done by using an existing Google account or you can create a new one just to work with Adwords. But the keyword tool is free.

      Regarding Jaaxy, I’m glad you took a look at my review and got to know the possibility of joining Wealthy Affiliate (the Internet Marketing Platform I use to get training plus hosting and building my websites) for free while also having access to Jaaxy keyword research tool. 

      Whether you decide to test both tools (Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy) together or just Jaaxy, you’ll get the 30 free searches. And that’s a one-time trial per user.

  2. Gunawan says:

    Now I get it why we should use a long tail keyword. The visitors will use it when they’re closer to point of purchase decision. 

    It is very informative and surely helps many Affiliate Marketers to do the keyword search using a long tail keyword. I look forward to your next article about how to use keywords on your website.

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