Top 7 Travel Affiliate Marketing Programs For Bloggers | + Bonus Tips

Top 7 Travel Affiliate Marketing Programs for Bloggers
If you’re reading this, you’re possibly a blogger looking for ways to monetize your blog. Am I right?

Well, you’re at the right place. Travel affiliate marketing programs are a great solution for you.

>> If you’re new to Affiliate Marketing, I suggest you take a pause to learn more about it HERE.
First, let me say that I’m a travel addict myself and that I think you’ve chosen an awesome topic to write about.

Like me (and probably you as well) millions of people feel the same about traveling.

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.
– Augustine of Hippo

It comes as no surprise that globally Travel & Tourism generated US$7.6 trillion in 2016. It’s a huge market!

That being said, know that in the next minutes you’ll read not only about some of the Best Programs available but also How you can get Better Results from your blog.

This is extremely important!

You may become an affiliate of THE BEST program in the world but if you don’t build a high-quality blog, you won’t earn real money. I guarantee.

Stay with me, I got you covered.

Top 7 Travel Affiliate Marketing Programs

Remember that you should still check each one before applying to become their affiliate.

Consider their commissions’ fees, their Products prices, your audience Vs theirs, localization (when talking about hotels and airlines for example).

I know this seems obvious, but sometimes on the urge to start making money, some bloggers forget that the products/services they will promote need to resonate with their audience.

Promoting luxury cruises on a blog that targets people traveling on a budget definitely doesn’t sound very promising. Agree? That’s what I’m talking about.

In no specific order, these are the programs that made my list:

1. Travel is one of the world’s most recognized online accommodations booking platform. And it’s likely that you have at some point checked their hotels, or even booked with them.

I know I have. And it worked great! From the traveler point of view, they know what they’re doing and they’re one of the top choices.
What about the Affiliates’ perspective?

  • Being associated with a leading brand is always positive as their service is already trusted
  • They have a Network of 12,500+ Affiliates, which means lots of experience dealing with affiliates and paying commissions
  • Simple 3-Step (Free) Application Process. Confirmation is immediate
  • Tier-based commission rate structure (the more you book per month, the higher your commission rate gets.)It goes from 25% (1 -50 bookings/mo) to 40% (501+ bookings/mo)
  • Transfers are made on a monthly basis, as long as you have earned at least 100 EURFor more details on their commission system, click HERE
  • They offer Banners, Search Box, Deals finder that you can use as you wish on your website
  • You have the choice to pick which properties to display on your site. E.g.: only accommodations in Europe or all worldwide
  • Easy to integrate their Search Box by using their official WordPress plugin
  • Click HERE to Join


2. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor Travel AffiliateHotels, Vacation Rentals, Flights, Tickets to a multitude of Activities, all in one place: TripAdvisor!

No doubt why this is a very popular website among travelers.

People trust them, which is the first benefit of partnering with them. You don’t have to convince your visitors that TripAdvisor is a reliable company.

Another cool detail that you can leverage on your blog is that they make reviews available. You refer to them on your blog and lead your visitors to read the complete version of the review by clicking your affiliate link back to TripAdvisor.

Other important things to know:

  • 50% Commission rate
  • They offer a gallery of text-links, banners, and content widgets for you to choose from
  • You can link to over 500,000 city and hotel pages
  • Their affiliate program is run through CJ Affiliate
  • Click HERE to Join

3. Agoda

Agoda Travel AffiliateAgoda is also a well known top-rated accommodations (hotels and rentals) booking site that you should consider becoming partners with.

Here’s why:

  • Text-links, Image-links, Search Box, and Banners are available to choose from
  • Easy to integrate their text-links and banners by using their WordPress plugin
  • You can select specific hotels/cities/countries for each ad
  • Tier-based commission rate structure, ranging from 35% (<50 bookings per month) up to 60% ( 1,000+ bookings per month) on Agoda’s margin
  • Agoda’s web, app, and promos come in 38 languages so you can speak directly to your audience
  • Click HERE to Join

4. Expedia

Expedia Travel Affiliate ProgramOffering Hotels, Flights, Car Rentals, Activities, Expedia is another serious option to consider.

More details:

  • 260,000 bookable properties
  • 400 bookable airlines
  • It’s a well-known brand, so promoting it doesn’t involve convincing your audience to trust them
  • Their program is also run by CJ Affiliate
  • Tools, data feeds, and storefronts available
  • Click HERE to Join

5. Skyscanner

Skyscanner Travel AffiliateSkyscanner offers Flights, Hotels and Car Rentals and is also a well-known brand.

Important things to know:

  • They offer Flights search widget, Banners, Links
  • Commissions are 50% of the generated revenue to Skyscanner.
  • They work with different networks throughout the world.To Sign Up, click the link to your location:* UK, CA, AU, PL, BR, MX, UAE, USA: CJ Affiliate

    * ES, DE, DK, FI, FR, IT, NL, CH, PL, SE, PT: Tradedoubler

    * RU: Doubletrade

6. Sandals Resorts

Sandals Travel Affiliate ProgramThese luxury Caribbean resorts offer vacation accommodations and amenities for couples, and families with kids of all ages.

If your niche is Luxury travel, Romantic getaways or Caribbean vacations, this is a great program to partner with.

Here is why:

  • Powerful brand, it’s easily recognizable
  • Their program is also run by CJ Affiliate
  • They offer a library of hundreds of colorful banners
  • Commissions rates start at 4% on booking price.
  • 60-day cookie which means that if your reader visits the Sandals website on – let’s say – March 30th, but only books their vacation on May 29th, you’ll still get a commission.(This wouldn’t happen if the booking happened on May 30th, 61 days after their first visit to Sandals website)
  • Click HERE to Join

7. Amazon Associates

Amazon Travel Gear AffiliateAs you well know, traveling doesn’t just involve hotels and flights. Promoting Travel Gear is also a great opportunity to monetize your blog.

One of the best programs you can join for that is Amazon Associates.

If the commissions’ rate isn’t that great (5.5% – 7% for this kind of niche product) why do I like this program?

  • #1 Choice online platform for physical products
  • It’s a very well-structured affiliate program
  • Easy and free to join
  • There are over 1 million products to promote (considering all niches)
  • Tons of tools to help you advertise and track your commissions
  • 24-hour cookie AND you get a commission on all items bought through your affiliate link, not only the ones you promoted/linked to.
  • Click HERE to Join

Not Satisfied? Here are Other Alternatives

It’s possible that you – for one reason or another – didn’t really like those programs. Or maybe you just want to have more alternatives.

I like that! The more research you do the higher chances you’ll have to find the best options for your blog.

You can also think about Car Rentals, Cruises, City Sightseeing.

Here are two other ways you can further explore:

  1. Look Around – Sounds simplistic? It’s not. It’s actually simple. You just need to access your competitors’ websites and check what programs they’ve partnered with.Then, you investigate each program that catches your attention.
  2. Google Search – You’ll be impressed by the number of results you’ll get on a simple search.Go to Google and type in: travel affiliate programs

>> For tips on how to choose the best Affiliate Programs for you, read this post: How to Find Affiliate Programs for Your Website

Once you’re done choosing and applying for your preferred programs, it will be time for you to take a step up.

How to Stand Out from the Crowd


How to Stand Out as a Travel Affiliate MarketerSome people try to become travel bloggers and give up a couple of months later because they weren’t able to get any positive results.

Truth be told, being successful in this business is not just about how much sweat, blood, and tears you put into it.

Yes, hard work is important but it’s not the only factor.

Let me ask you: how many travel blogs have you seen around that you thought were poor looking, too amateur and not trustworthy, meaning that you’d never go for their recommendations?

Tons, right? I know I’ve crossed with loads of them and I plan on never accessing them again.

Some of your competitors fall into that category. And you shouldn’t have to worry about them.

(Unless you’re one of them! If that’s the case, don’t worry, there’s always a solution. Keep reading and we’ll get into that).

But There are the Others…

Those that are doing things right, that are ranking on the first page of Google, and are getting visitors to their blogs.

Here are a few tips that will help you Stand Out and get your share of visitors:

1. Always think about your audience, their needs, and how you can truly help them.

This goes for every step of the way when you’re doing your partnerships, your content research, your writing, and marketing.

For example: Let’s say I’m a travel blogger, married with kids. When I write a new post about Rome I talk on and on about wonderful, pricey, and peaceful restaurants I enjoy going with my family.

But my blog is all about traveling on a budget, and my audience is mostly made of young adults. How on earth will they related to that kind of restaurant?

See what I mean? This is extremely important!

2. Write professional, detailed content about specific destinations.

A lot of blogs are great but they’re just a bit superficial leaving their readers with many questions.

What you need to do is write in detail about the topic you chose, trying to answer your readers’ questions even before they ask. In other words, ADD VALUE to them.

For instance, let’s say you know all about Cape Town and decide to write your next article about this beautiful destination.

These are some of the topics you can cover:

  • Flights
  • Accommodations
  • Public Transportation / Routes
  • Car Rentals
  • Weather
  • Places to Visit
  • Local Festivities
  • Population
  • Places to Eat / Local Dishes

The list goes on and on.

>> What is very important: always add YOUR personal opinion and tips. Things that worked for you and will likely help your readers as well.

3. Include Videos as simple as this one to your blog posts:

4. You don’t need to just talk about destinations. Expand to any other topic that you feel will be beneficial to your audience.

For example, traveling to tropical places sometimes involves getting vaccinated. Lots of travelers from other climates frequently forget about that.

How much do you think one of those people would appreciate being reminded to get the vaccine before their trip?

I say “Big time!”

So, think about them and come up with other topics that can be of their interest. Maybe “how to maximize your packing skills”, traveling with kids, medicine to take… Be creative!

You can always ask for their opinions and suggestions for your next blog posts. This also works.

5. Is your niche too generic?

If your niche is simply “travel”, the answer is “Yes”.

You need to make it more specific, something like “adventure travel”, “backpacking travel”, “traveling with kids”, “travel to Jamaica”, “romantic travel” etc.

Here are a few benefits of specific niches:

    1. Better communication with your readers (I’m sure you see the difference between talking to an adventurer and a mother of 5).
    2. It’s easier to target what will really add value to most of your readers
    3. You have better chances of becoming an authority in less time.

Related: How to Choose a Blog Niche in 4 Simple Steps

6. Make good use of On-Page SEO techniques and rank higher in Search Engine Results

We all want to rank on the First page of Google, right? You need to do your best to get as much organic traffic as possible.

7. How are your Graphics, Colors, Ads, and Banners?

Be careful to not overuse them. I’m so conscious about ads that I don’t use them at all!

Any of these items, when overused, can be the reason why visitors Click Away and – frequently – never come back.

8. What do your Competitors’ Blogs look like?

Do some investigation.
Check out what your audience is getting from them and then…
Do better!

Never copy anyone. You should always be authentic.

>> TIP: Maybe you know him, maybe not, but here is a successful blogger being authentic: The Points Guy.

You should check it out. (Of course, now he has a team behind him but he started out just like any of us)

I know it was a lot of information, but I really hope you don’t just read it and jump to the next article.

You see, we’re only able to make things better when we do some Thinking, make the necessary Decisions and take Massive Action toward the changes we desire.

That’s what every successful person does!

So, I suggest you take a minute or two to evaluate how your blog is doing on the aspects we listed above, and how you can improve them.

If everything is wonderful, just like you wished for, well done! I’m happy for you! Maybe you could drop a comment below sharing some of your tips. I’d appreciate that!

But if you feel like you can improve things on your blog and need more insights, techniques, training, then I believe you would highly benefit from the Internet Marketing program I went through.

It’s actually a Complete Platform that is FREE to Join and you can Test As Long As You Want. You can read all about it, in detail, on the Review I wrote.

Click HERE to read my Wealthy Affiliate Review




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12 Responses

  1. Glenys says:

    HI Eliane, thanks for these great tips about Travel Affiliate Marketing Programs For Bloggers.

    I like the ideas that you had about which kinds of things to target like hotel bookings via and flights and car hire via Skyscanner.

    I like what you said about many travel blogging posts being far too broad. This actually hurts the website owners in the long run. When you are new you are far better off “nailing” one part of travel rather than being all things to all people.

    I also really liked your tip about having a look at your competitors’ websites. This tip is overlooked FAR TOO OFTEN.
    Thank you for sharing.

    • Eliane says:

      Hi Glenys,

      I’m glad that you as a fellow affiliate marketer agree with my tips.

      I’m always learning new strategies and practices from tips others give me.

      So I think that we can always help less experienced ones with things we sometimes do so automatically but are not as obvious to the beginners.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Orion says:

    Great article you have written here, Eliane.

    Thanks for this. Though you are covering tips for Travel Affiliates, I think these tips hold true for any and all affiliate marketers. So it is good to see them all mentioned here as a good reference point.

    All the best – Orion

  3. Andrew says:

    Hello Eliane!

    Thank you for your review!
    I would add to your list Travelpayouts affiliate network.
    They offer flight and hotel search widgets, links, white label and more.

  4. ariel says:

    Hello Eliane, I so enjoyed reading this.

    It really gave great ideas for both writing and how to get great deals.
    What are your next travels? And how are you enjoying doing this?

    Your blog is very appealing. I would definitely seek advice from here.

    In peace and gratitude, Ariel.

  5. Sue Dixon says:

    Great article, Eliane.

    I’m in the travel niche too, RV travel and lifestyle is more specific.
    These affiliate opportunities will be very helpful for me.

    Thank you for posting this.

    • Eliane says:

      I’m really happy that you found these tips useful for your online business, Sue!

      Let me know if I can help you in any other way. I’ll be glad to.

      All the best!

  6. Tara says:

    Excellent tips as usual Eliane!

    It is so important to focus on your audience as you said and not to write about expensive places on a blog about traveling on a budget.

    There is so much great and useful information in your article. I have not thought about being a travel blogger – but I love road trips – I wonder if that may be a niche.

    Thank you for sharing.

    • Eliane says:

      It definitely is a niche, Tara.

      You can talk about your road trip experiences and promote hotels, local events, tours, gear etc. You consider this seriously. It sounds like fun!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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