What is Jaaxy Keyword Tool? My Complete Review

What is Jaaxy Keyword Tool? My Complete Review

I always openly talk about how big a fan I am of Jaaxy. That’s probably why one of these days someone popped up the question: “I have no idea of what you’re talking about… What is Jaaxxy Keyword Tool? What does it mean?”

This made me laugh… How silly of me, I had just assumed everyone knew what Jaaxy is.

Then I realized that there must be thousands of other people wondering the same thing. That’s why I decided to write this thorough Jaaxy Review and help others understand how powerful this Keyword Research Tool is.

Get ready because I’ll go down to the detail, telling you the Truth, and also, the Myth.

Stay with me as we cover the following:

The Company | Jaaxy

Jaaxy was founded by the same owners of Wealthy Affiliate, the Internet Marketing Platform. Have you heard about it?

Well, Kyle and Carson have both been successful affiliate marketers for over a decade. And with such experience, these two have been able to design this keyword research tool in a manner that perfectly meets our needs.

Actually, because they know what affiliate marketers – like you and me – really need, they deliver much more than just keywords.

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The Promise | More than a Keyword Tool, it’s a Keyword PLATFORM

This is what they state on their website:

With Jaaxy you are getting the most advanced, yet useful platform in the world for managing all aspects of keyword, website, competition, and market research. – Jaaxy.com 

Okay, I get it if you’re a little skeptical. So many other companies out there also make beautiful promises but don’t really deliver them.

And that’s exactly why I’m going to show you how Jaaxy fulfills their promise.

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What’s Your Problem? | Jaaxy Has a Solution

Think about the problems or difficulties – related to keywords, website, competition, and market research – that we, affiliate marketers, face almost daily.

Let’s see what Jaaxy offers to solve them, shall we?

Disclaimer: Being such an extensive platform, Jaaxy has too many features for me to address them all in one article. On the next lines, I’ll cover the main ones.

1) Finding a Profitable Niche

First, take less than 4 minutes to watch this video as it shows how to Find a Niche using Jaaxy.

As you saw, the process is pretty simple:

  1. Type in the idea/theme
  2. Click Search
  3. Check out the resulting metrics
  4. Choose the Term with the best metrics (good search volume and low competition) that also matches your idea
  5. Voilà, problem solved!

I just wanted to give you an updated info about QSR. Around minute 1:56 he says you should look for QSR to be anywhere that’s less than 300. Things have changed over the years and we now target QSR less than 100 for better results.

Also, Jaaxy has been updated in late 2017 with not only new features but also a new layout, making it an even nicer user-experience. You’ll see the newly improved appearance on the next topic.

Just keep going…

Get FREE Access to Jaaxy Now and Quickly Find your Niche

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2) Finding Quality Keywords That Will Rank

Of course, this is the core topic of the platform and there are a lot of valuable features into to it. So, to make things more clear, I’ll show you step-by-step how I go about using it.

Let’s say I’m looking for a keyword to write about “top beautiful islands”.

Jaaxy keyword tool research: top beautiful islands

1) Type the term in the box

2) Click “Find Keywords”.

The results will bring the complete metrics NOT only for the phrase I typed in but also for other related keywords.

This gives me a wider spectrum of possibilities.

For the matter of this example, let’s compare the results for the 2 keywords shown on the above screenshot:

  • The one I had in mind: “top beautiful islands”
  • Related keyword: “top 10 beautiful islands“.

* AVG means “The average number of searches that the keyword receives per month”

Both of them get over 100 searches per month, which is good.
The second option gets an average of 8 more per month, but that can be considered a small difference.

* TRAFFIC means “Visits to your site if you achieve first page rankings in the Search Engines”

24/25 visitors per month are not bad considering that we will have hundreds of keywords (from all the content we’ll write) attracting traffic to our websites.

We should consider the cumulative potential of this metric.

* QSR – “Quoted Search Results: the number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword”

This is probably the most important indicator of all.

Take a look at both terms. First one has 39 other websites already competing for it. And the second one has 139 competitors.

Ideally, especially for new websites, we should look for QSR lower than 100. So the first keyword is doing just fine.

* KQI – “Keyword Quality Indicator: Green is Great, Yellow is OK, Red is Poor”

Both are classified as Great which is a good sign.

Let’s move on.

* SEO – “Score based on traffic and competition, the higher the score, the more likely you will rank for this keyword on the first page (scale of 1-100, higher = better)”

Both options (95/96) have great possibilities of ranking on the first page.

We usually target for scores greater than 90.

* DOMAINS – “Availability of domains that are related to the keyword”

As seen on the video about Finding a Niche above, this feature promptly shows which domain extensions are available for the specific keyword.

In both of the cases, we’re analyzing here, the most sought for domains (.com, .net and .org) are available.

Not only that, but I could also buy one of them – let’s say TopBeautifulIslands.com – just by clicking the link .com next to the keyword.

Final Thoughts on this Case Study:

You see how important it is to have access to ALL of the right metrics?

Comparing these two keywords I could think that the second one was better because it gets more searches. But they both have a very similar potential of attracting 24/25 visitors per month IF our website makes the first page.

That’s when things get interesting. Having access to QSR I quickly understand that I would have a much easier job ranking on the first page for the first keyword (with only 39 competitors) than for the second option (and competing against 139 others).

Therefore, my choice would definitely be “Top Beautiful Islands”.

Get FREE Access to Jaaxy Now and Find your next High-Quality Keyword



Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Testimonial

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What if I can’t find a Good Keyword? Or if I want to have More Options?

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool | 'Related' featureRELATED – “Keywords that are related to your target keyword”

If you go back to the screenshot right under topic 2 “Finding Quality Keywords that will Rank” you’ll see a red rectangle on the right-hand side.

Those are therms Jaaxy brings to you as possibilities to be further investigated. All related to the keyword you typed in.

To get more information about one of them, you just need to click on the desired one. This will automatically take it to the top Search box. Right after you click on “Find Keywords”, you’ll get all its metrics.

This is a good resource I use whenever I want more alternatives to the keywords I have already been checking on.


This feature automates the Alphabet Soup technique that marketers use to find out what people are searching for on Google.

I use this one when my imagination is short and I can’t come up with good ideas for keywords and/or blog posts ideas.

This is how it’s traditionally performed:

Following this simple method, one can come up with almost endless ideas. But truth be told, it’s quite time-consuming when done this way.

Jaaxy offers a much quicker way. You just need to type the keyword/niche/idea and the results just pop up on your screen.

As a comparison, I accessed Jaaxy Alphabet Soup and typed in the same word mentioned in the video (“fitness”). The result, as you can imagine, is very extensive (various suggestions for each letter of the alphabet).

Therefore, for the sake of giving you a good idea of what it typically looks like, I condensed the actual result:

Jaaxy keyword research tool | 'Alphabet Soup' feature


Jaaxy free Starter Plan gives you 5 results for each letter of the alphabet. Paid plans offer more results. You’ll be able to see all the Memberships details further down when we talk about Prices.

Get FREE Access to Jaaxy Now and Never Feel like you’re Running out of Keywords

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool testimonial

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Can’t Organize my Keywords | Saving to a List

When you find a keyword that you like, you can save it to a list.

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool | Save to List

Look how simple it is:

1) Check the box near the desired keyword(s)

2) Click “Save to List”

3) Select Existing List or New List (and give it a name)

That’s it! You can access your lists at any time, delete keywords, add new ones, or export them (in CSV or TXT formats).

So if you prefer managing all your keywords in a spreadsheet, you call export all the data you’ve collected.

Or you can keep them in Jaaxy organizing them in different lists.

Here’s what I do: for each website I have 2 lists, one for the keywords I plan on using in future articles, and another for the ones I’ve already published.

The cool thing here is that Jaaxy promptly shows the total traffic considering all keywords on a list.

Therefore, and because I decided to organize things that way, whenever I insert a new keyword to my “Published List” I immediately know the total traffic my website will get when I make to the first pages.

Now, let’s say that, for any reason, you end up not saving a keyword, and a few days later decide to check it out again. But you can’t remember what it was exactly. 

No worries.

You can check the feature SEARCH HISTORY in order of Keyword, Search Type (keywords, alphabet soup, affiliate program, search analysis),  Details (phrase, URL, search engine), and Date.

You type in, click “Find Keywords”, scroll down and find what you’re looking for. Problem solved as simple as that!

To be honest, I’ve never used this feature. That’s probably because I always save my results. But I can see the potential benefit of it and it’s nice to know that it’s available.

Get FREE Access to Jaaxy Now and Better Manage your Keywords

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3) What is my Competition Doing to Rank Better?

Jaaxy offers Search Analysis which is basically a “Spy feature”. You take a close look at your competition at once, directly from Jaaxy. You don’t need to access Google, Bing or Yahoo to do this.

It’s very simple:

1) Type in the keyword you want to investigate

2) Choose which Search Engine you want to be analyzed

3) Click on “Find Keywords”

By typing “Fitness Accessories” for example, I get this detailed information:

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool | Search Analysis

The image shows a list of websites and their details, as follows:

POSITION – The first-page position that the website is ranked for in the selected Search Engine.

SEARCH ENGINE LISTING – The search engine result for selected Search Engine.

This is basically the info shown on Google, Bing, and Yahoo except that you don’t need to leave Jaaxy.

You can also click the URL and directly access the website.

DETAILS – Digging a little deeper

  • Word Count – total number of words on the website
  • Links On Site – total number of external and internal links on page
  • Backlinks – # of sites that link to this website
  • Alexa Rank – current Alexa rank
  • Adsense – does this website have Adsense ads?

I use this feature from time to time to check out the competition, see what’s working and what’s not.

I find this feature really convenient because I don’t have to leave Jaaxy to get all of this info and analyze it in a matter of minutes.

Get FREE Access to Jaaxy Now and Keep a Close Eye on your Competition


Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool testimonial

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4) What Affiliate Program Should I Join?

If you’re starting a new affiliate website or want to expand an existing one, the Affiliate Programs feature will be perfect for you.

This is how it works:

1) Type in the keyword/product type

2) Select which Affiliate Program Network you want to check

3) Click on “Find Keywords”

As an example, I typed in “baby food”.

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool | Affiliate Programs feature

The results are organized in a very productive way. What I mean is that it saves tons of time by gathering every key information in one space.

It’s quick and it makes it very easy to compare the options, based on their characteristics:


PRODUCT WEBSITE – The website associated with this affiliate program

COMMISSION – Commission details

ALEXA RANK – The Alexa traffic ranking for this website

NETWORK – A button to directly access the affiliate network that this product or service is part of

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5) What’s Trending now so that I can Leverage on my Website?

The Brainstorm feature gathers the feeds of 4 major channels: Google Trends, Alexa Topics, Amazon Best Sellers and Twitter Trends.

Depending on your specific niche this can be useful as it will give you popular ideas to explore.

As an example, let’s say one of my websites’ niche is Drinks from Around the World. Looking at the Brainstorm feature today I find out that Google’s #1 trending topic today is “National Margarita Day”. I sure can quickly create a campaign taking advantage of this trend.

Get FREE Access to Jaaxy Now and Keep a Close Eye on the Latest Trends

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6) How Can I Track my Keywords Rankings?

All of us should monitor the evolution of our keywords. Are they increasing or decreasing their rankings? Are your campaigns being effective or should you adjust things?

Normally you would have to go into incognito mode and manually search for your keyword on the search engines.

But with Jaaxy you can have this info automatically just by informing the keyword and URL.

And even better, you can use the Auto Tracking feature. You choose the keywords, URL, and frequency you want them to be tracked.

Jaaxy will take care of it, automatically scanning Google, Bing, and Yahoo, and will bring the complete information for you.This is a real time-saver and a great tool to support your decision whether you need to make a new move.

This is how the result looks:

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool | Site Rank feature

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The Myth

Myth: “Jaaxy hands you out the perfect keyword that, once you simply add to your content, will start attracting tons of traffic to your website.”

Absolutely not! There’s no such a thing in the industry. Simply because Quality Keywords are ONE (very important one, but still just ONE) factor to attract organic traffic.

The Truth

The truth is that Jaaxy will show you lots of incredible keywords with their complete metrics and you will be able to choose the ones with the best potential.

Then, you’ll have to write your content, applying good SEO techniques – to finally get good rankings.

But that’s what Organic Search is all about, right?

The main aspect here is to be prepared with the best tool possible to be able to identify those special keywords.

The ones that don’t, will fatally fall behind. Hopefully, your competitors will be among those. But not you!

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Jaaxy is one of the easiest tools I’ve ever used. This comes mainly from the fact that their layout is extremely clean and user-friendly but also because they included short explanations to every option on the website.

When you hover over “Keyword”, for example, you’ll get the explanation: “A phrase that users type into search engines to find what they are looking for.”  Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool | term explanation

Besides that, you get access to 4 tutorial videos under the option Jaaxy Help:

  1. Jaaxy Keyword Research & Management
  2. Jaaxy Website Research and Analysis
  3. Niche Research Refinement
  4. The Affiliate Program Walkthrough

It’s easy, it’s effective and it’s even fun to use!

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  • Super Easy to use
  • Self-explanatory tools
  • Extremely Fast
  • Remarkably Accurate data
  • Mobile Friendly
  • It’s an online platform so you can access from any computer, tablet, smartphone
  • There no need to download any software
  • Helps your business at multiple levels (keyword choice, competition analysis, strategic planning etc)


  • At this moment, Jaaxy is an English Only tool. It works in other languages if you only use English characters. From other people’s experience (so I’ve heard) the results in other languages are not as accurate as in English.Good news is that the Jaaxy Team has affirmed that multiple languages are something that they are going to consider moving forward since its usage is continuously expanding worldwide.

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Was the Promise Fulfilled?

I want to quickly go back to Jaaxy’s promise. Remember we went through it on topic #2 of this review?

With Jaaxy you are getting the most advanced, yet useful platform in the world for managing all aspects of keyword, website, competition, and market research.
– Jaaxy.com 

After everything I presented, I’ll let YOU be the judge of that.

Or you can…

…Get FREE Access to Jaaxy Now, Try it out, and then give me Your Own Opinion

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The Price | Membership Options

These are the traditional Plans that you will find in any Review you read (I’ll show their specifications shortly):

But before you make a decision, I want to suggest an Alternative with greater Added Value.

Remember I told you that Jaaxy is owned by the founders of Wealthy Affiliate?

What's Wealthy Affiliate

Let me explain my idea. In 2017 Kyle and Carson decided to integrate both tools and made Jaaxy also available on the WA Platform.

That’s why I can suggest this alternative Combo to you:

Wealthy Affiliate + Jaaxy

Wealthy Affiliate Premium AND Jaaxy Lite for only $49.00.

You see, this way you’ll get 2 top-notch Platforms for the price of one.

Here is my suggestion:

  1. Join WA as a FREE Starter Member
  2. Connect to Jaaxy Starter (this will also give you access to 30 Jaaxy Free Searches)
  3. Test both platforms (WA and Jaaxy)
  4. Upgrade to Wealthy Affiliate Premium and you’ll automatically unlock Jaaxy Lite
    For the same $49.00 you would pay for Jaaxy Pro, you will get access to Jaaxy Lite plus Wealthy Affiliate Premium
  5. If you ever decide to upgrade Jaaxy furthermore, as a WA member, you’ll get big discounts:
    1. For the Pro Plan: instead of paying $49.00 you’ll only have to pay an additional $19.00 per month
    2. For the Enterprise Plan: instead of $99.00, you’ll only pay an additional $49.00 each month

Important: Jaaxy LITE Plan is only available for WA members and it’s a little more limited than the PRO Plan. 

Check out the comparison table:

Comparison Table with Prices for WA Premium Members

Get FREE Access to WA and Jaaxy Starter Right Now

Once you’re inside WA you can start using your 30 Free Searches.

Also, please make sure to say ‘Hi” to me.
Type my WA name (ElianeLima) in the Search Toolbar and leave a message on my Profile.
I’ll be happy to connect with you and HELP YOU OUT IN ANY WAY I CAN.

Leave a message on my WA Profile

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Wrapping Things Up | Join Jaaxy

Jaaxy is a very effective easy to use Platform that offers much more than just quality keyword research. Although Keyword Search is the most important feature, there a numerous others (like SiteRank and Search Analysis) that can be of invaluable importance for you to improve your strategy and rankings.

Overall you have 4 options to join Jaaxy: Starter (free), Lite (with WA Premium membership), Pro and Enterprise.

If you decide to accept my suggestion to try Jaaxy AND Wealthy Affiliate for free, make sure to send me a message and I’ll help you with everything I can.

But if you have no interest in joining an Internet Platform, like Wealthy Affiliate, that not only gives high-end Training but also Domains, Website creation, Hosting, Support and active Community, and more, then…

… I suggest you start with Jaaxy Starter for Free. If you like it, and I’m pretty sure you will, you’ll be able to upgrade from there.

Go ahead and test it. You get 30 Free Searches.

Overview | Rating

  • NAME: Jaaxy
  • WEBSITE URL: jaaxy.com
  • PRICE: $0.00, $49.00, $99.00
  • NotAboutLuck RATING: 10 out of 10


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Eliane is a Wife, Mother, Entrepreneur, Laptop Lifestyle Enthusiast, and Internet Marketing Support Coach. Ever since she started her Online Business she works from anywhere and whenever she wants to. This means being closer to her kids as they grow up. And she LOVES it!

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4 Responses

  1. Sharon May says:

    Fortunately for premium members in Wealthy Affiliate, there is an awesome free version of Jaaxy. There are many benefits being a Wealthy Affiliate member and Jaaxy is just one of them. It wasn’t so long ago we got 30 free searches and that was it, we had to buy Jaaxy to get 30 per month. As you said, we now get 30 free searches per month without having to pay extra. What an incredible saving.

  2. Michael says:

    Hey. I have a blog for over 5 months and I have little traffic. Until now I did not know why. I focused on writing ordinary articles without keywords and that’s why the search engines did not see me. I’m going to use Jaaxy and I think I’ll get traffic on the site looking for the right keywords. Thanks for this post.

    • Eliane says:

      Hi Michael,

      If you start aiming for quality keywords, it is definitely going to make a huge difference on your website’s results.

      But remember it’s not overnight. You need to consistently publish quality posts with SEO techniques, and you’ll be fine. 

      If you’re interested in learning those effective techniques (the same ones I use), I highly recommend you check out this Internet Marketing Platform. Lots of successful marketers have started (and still are) there.

      I wish you lots of success!


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